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Richard H. Hall passed away on July 17, 2009, at his home. He will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and colleagues. You may view his obituary here.

Richard Hall
"After all is said and done, more is said than done." -Anonymous

Click here for the Biography page Richard H. Hall is a freelance writer-editor and member of the Authors Guild. (See vita.) He is a direct descendant of his 17th Century Quaker namesake, one of the early settlers of Maryland and a prominent legislator. Hall Family Genealogy
Click here for the Art Gallery Richard H. Hall has a new art gallery, featuring his original works of art.
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The Civil War Page contains resource information, articles, photographs, publications, collectibles, and more.

Richard Hall's 19th Century Photo Gallery, with Cartes-de-visite (CDVs), cabinet cards, and tintypes.

19th Century family surnames page; look for photographs of your ancestors! Extensive list of photographs with surnames.

A book on women in the Civil War, Women on the Civil War Battlefront, was published in May 2006. Reviews of this book are being added as they become available, please click on the above link to read about the book and peruse reviews.

The Civil War Diary, a novelette by Richard Hall, mostly historical fact, tracks the soldiers of the 5th Michigan Infantry in the Civil War.

An article by Richard Hall, "Known but to God": Female Soldiers in the Civil War, is now available.

A photo album of women in the Civil War is also available.

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The UFO Page contains articles and essays by Richard Hall on significant  UFO sightings, skepticism, scientific method, and politics as they bear on the subject.  Also provides links to instructive or worthwhile UFO web sites.

Journal of UFO History Vol II compendium published March 2007.

Journal of UFO History subscriptions available.

The HallMart contains ordering information for Richard Hall's books and other items for sale, including Civil War era photographs and collectibles, rare books, and juvenile aviation  fiction. (PayPal link provided)

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The Donald E. Keyhoe Archives Keyhoe was an aviation pioneer and aide to Charles A. Lindbergh.   The Archives comprise 40 years of  correspondence, documents, books, and audiovisual materials related to UFO investigation and research; information and photographs about Lindbergh, and aviation history publications and photographs. 




News Notes

Velazquez Documentary in Post-Production

A little over a year ago I was interviewed by Maria Agui Carter for a forthcoming documentary about Loreta Janeta Velazquez, Confederate female soldier and spy during the Civil War. I have written extensively about her, and my research findings were discussed.

Carter is part of a team that has produced many PBS documentaries, and had been struggling to raise the funds to complete the film. The staff recently contacted me and said that the film is now in post-production, and they are in the stage of obtaining clearances for use of various materials. The film may well air on PBS later this year under the title “Rebel.” (See for information about their documentaries and a video clip from “Rebel.”)

New book review of Richard Hall's Women on the Civil War Battlefront in the Journal of Southern History, February 2009.

James Hall, 88, died March 4 in Pueblo, Colorado. He was a writer and poet associated with The Pueblo Poetry Group. See Hall Family Genealogy page.

During the 1930s Donald E. Keyhoe wrote highly popular
aviation mystery and adventure stories for such newsstand
magazines as Flying Aces and Dare-Devil Aces. See a sample here
from the June 1934 issue of Flying Aces. View in PDF here.


Previously unpublished UFO book review by the late Isabel Davis.



From Airships to Arnold: A Catalogue of UFO Reports in the Early 20th Century (1900-1946), by Richard Hall, 2007.

A preliminary catalogue was published in 2000. After seven years of additional research and discovery of dozens of additional cases from this time period the Coalition has published this much expanded volume: 36 pages, illustrated, center-stapled with durable cover. It contains more than 150 case references.


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