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The Civil War Diary of Jacob Marshall

Jacob Marshall and his comrades in Company K of the 5th Michigan Volunteer Infantry fought in Civil War battles throughout Maryland and Virginia in the famous Army of the Potomac. Civil War author Richard Hall here recreates what life was like for the common (and not so common) soldier both in camp life and as they slogged through rain, mud, freezing weather, fought pitched battles, and suffered fearsome casualties.

Although a novelette, this book tells the story of a Michigan soldier of an unusual kind in the form of a diary, recording the humor, pathos, violence, and peaceful interludes in the daily life of a Civil War soldier. Jacob is wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness, recuperates in a hospital, then is sent back to the front to rejoin his regiment where an unknown fate awaits him. Jacob also has a secret life that he hides from the officers and the army leaders, lending a surprise twist to the story.

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Patriots in Disguise

On the web site of the American Council of Learned Societies in 1999, Lyde Cullen Sizer states:

"The best book analyzing The Woman in Battle (memoir of Loreta Janeta Velazquez) and its claims is Richard Hall's Patriots in Disguise: Women Warriors of the Civil War (1993)."

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"We've seen a lot of UFO books in our tenure...but if I had to single out the one volume which offered the reader the greatest wealth of realistic UFO information, this book would be the runaway choice." - Robert C. Girard, Arcturus Books, January 2001 Catalogue. [Arcturus Books, Inc., 1443 S.E. Port St. Lucie Blvd., Port St. Lucie, FL 34952; E-mail:; Phone: 561/398-0796.] Click here to order the book.
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Uninvited Guests

A review of Uninvited Guests by Richard Hall: 

"Hall deftly summarizes the evidence...[his] down-to-earth approach is a great starting point, whatever your belief system, and his comments...are consistently lucid and balanced....intelligent reportage and commentary." -- Iven Lourie, editor, Inner Journeys: The Small Press Literary Review, Spring 1995.

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Report on pre-1947 20th Century UFO sightings. Copyright 2007, UFO Research Coalition; 36 pg., illustrated.

Fund for UFO Research Issue Paper, edited by Richard Hall. 53 pp. Includes papers on the potential impact of extraterrestrial contact from the perspectives of history of science, religion, sociology, psychology, and folklore. Order from

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