Cabinet Cards

Typically measuring about 4-1/2 x 6 inches, cabinet cards basically are a larger size and slightly different format version of cartes-de-visite (CDVs) using heavy cardboard backing, introduced soon after the Civil War. They replaced CDVs in popularity during the late 1880s. Custom-sized images pasted on to the same cardboard stock used for cabinet cards but in unsual sizes and dimensions were common from about 1890 into the early 20th Century. Clothing, hair styles and other fashions can help to date cabinet cards. Earlier cabinet cards were sepia (brown tone), and later ones in soft color tones and rich blacks.

The photos on this page are for display only and are not generally for sale; however, if you are interested in purchasing one of the photos, serious offers will be considered. Queries may be directed to Richard Hall.

1.Young man, Philadelphia, PA SOLD; 2. Lawyerly man, Winsted, CT.

3. Curly-haired woman, Claremont, NH; 4. Boyish hair-do, Providence, RI.

5. Baby in gown, Ashland, PA SOLD; 6. Standing woman, Milwaukee, WI.

7. Standing man, Milwaukee, WI; 8. Moustache man. SOLD



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