Women in the Civil War -

A Photo Album

Left: CDV of Frances Eliza Hook in uniform. Right: CDV of Frances Eliza Hook in dress.

Photos courtesy of Wayne Jorgenson, text added.

From 1861 to 1864 Hook served in five Illinois infantry or cavalry regiments, one Tennessee cavalry regiment, and one Michigan infantry regiment. She was wounded in the shoulder at the Battle of Murfreesboro/Stones River, Tennessee, (Dec. 26-31, 1862) whereupon her sex was discovered and she was mustered out. But she re-enlisted several times after that, and was wounded again early in 1864 and taken prisoner. While in a prison in Atlanta she was once again exposed, and was exchanged on Feb. 17, 1864. She was then hospitalized in Tennessee, and finally discharged in June 1864. (Her full story is reported in Women on the Civil War Battlefront by Richard Hall, University Press of Kansas, May 2006.)

From left, Catherine Fleming, Co. F, 2nd Minnesota Infantry; apparent female soldier, center, from an Ohio Cavalry tintype, possibly the 2nd Ohio Cavalry; Susanna Smith, 2nd Maine Cavalry*

Mary Tippee, vivandiere, 114th Pennsylvania Infatry. From www.treasurenet.com/images. (Most sources give her name as either Tebe or Tepe, see Patriots in Disguise by Richard Hall, pp. 6-8)


Sarah Malinda ("Sam") Blalock, 26th North Carolina Infantry, holding an image of her husband. On right, a close-up of the photo of her husband. (Photo courtesy of the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. (See Patriots in Disguise, pp. 102-103)


Jennie Hodgers, who served as Albert Cashier, right, in the 95th Illinois Infantry. (See Patriots in Disguise, pp. 20-26)


Albert Cashier/Jennie Hodgers after being "outed" at the veterans hospital in 1913.


Kady Brownell, 1st Rhode Island Infantry. (See Patriots in Disguise, pp. 4-6)


Belle Reynolds, 17th Illinois Infantry. (See Patriots in Disguise, pp. 8-12)


Annie Etheridge, battlefield nurse with the 2nd and 5th Michigan Infantry, Army of the Potomac. Postwar photo wearing the Kearny Cross for gallantry and another medal. (See Patriots in Disguise pp. 33-45)

*Photo courtesy of State Archives of Michigan.

National Archives records on female Civil War soldiers Charles Fuller and Frank Mayne.

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