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During the 1930s Donald E. Keyhoe wrote highly popular
aviation mystery and adventure stories for such newsstand
magazines as Flying Aces and Dare-Devil Aces. See a sample here
from the June 1934 issue of Flying Aces.

Donald E. Keyhoe photo from a brochure of the School Assembly Association, Chicago, Illinois, announcing speakers for the 1928-29 season. "Keyhoe is a noted flyer--a Marine Corps officer, retired--a recognized aviation authority. His talk is on the "Spirit of Aviation."

Above and R: photos from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. 

Above: Charles A. Lindbergh (center) and party being welcomed to Pittsburgh, PA, August 3, 1927, by Mayor Charles H. Kline and members of the reception committee during the national tour. Don Keyhoe is on the right, arms folded.

R: Enlargement of August 3, 1927 photo showing Charles A. Lindbergh (left) and Don Keyhoe (R), during national tour

Lindbergh standing in front of the "Spirit of St. Louis," photo inscribed to Don Keyhoe, October 1, 1927 

Donald Keyhoe surrounded by students at Evans Junior High School in Ottumwa, Iowa (his home town). Photo from Ottumwa Daily Courier, April 6, 1958. 

Donald Keyhoe during a visit to Ottumwa, Iowa circa 1953 following publication of Flying Saucers from Outer Space. Photo from Ottumwa Daily Courier.

Dr. James E. McDonald, professor of atmospheric physics and meteorology, University of Arizona. McDonald's writings about UFOs are available from the Fund for UFO Research, P.O. Box 277, Mt. Rainier, MD 20722. (Credit: Betsy McDonald and Ann Druffel)

Inscription to Richard Hall from Donald Keyhoe, 1960

Inscription to Richard Hall from Donald Keyhoe, 1960

Dick and Marty Hall, center, flanked by Idabel Epperson and Dr. Leslie Kaeburn of the Los Angeles NICAP Subcommittee, 1967. Foreground, left to right, Marilyn Epperson and Ann Druffel

A true love story. Donald and Helen Keyhoe in retirement years at "Bluemont," Luray, Virginia.

Donald E. Keyhoe with other aviation pioneers, 1927

Donald E. Keyhoe with other aviation pioneers, 1927

Major Keyhoe in a light moment

Major Keyhoe in a light moment.

DEK Archives

DEK Archives

Glass plate photograph in ornate gilt frame (approx. 3 x 3-1/2 inches) inherited from Helen G. Keyhoe, possibly showing family ancestors. The clothing might supply some clues as to its date. Note that the young woman on the right is wearing a low-cut blouse. Comments invited from photo and costume historians.
Major Keyhoe's Marine Corps camp on Guam, 1921
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