Charles A. Lindbergh

Above and R: photos from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. 

Above: Charles A. Lindbergh (center) and party being welcomed to Pittsburgh, PA, August 3, 1927, by Mayor Charles H. Kline and members of the reception committee during the national tour. Don Keyhoe is on the right, arms folded.

R: Enlargement of August 3, 1927 photo showing Charles A. Lindbergh (left) and Don Keyhoe (right), during national tour

Above: Banquet at Multinomah Hotel, Portland, Oregon, September 1927, during post-flight Lindbergh tour. Photo is autographed in white to "D.E. Keyhoe" by the hotel manager, September 14, 1927. Don Keyhoe is on far left of platform.

R: Enlargement of September 1927 photo showing Don Keyhoe (left) and Charles A. Lindbergh (right), at the Multinomah Hotel, Portland, OR.

Lindbergh standing in front of the "Spirit of St. Louis," photo inscribed to Don Keyhoe, October 1, 1927. 

Charles Lindbergh, center, with two pilots of the Navy High Hats Flying Team, Cleveland Air Races, 1929. 
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