Richard Hall

January 2005

Peter Jennings Productions/ABC News is working on a 2-hour, prime-time special to be aired February 24, 8:00 PM EST. According to information from the producer, one hour will be about the search for and likelihood of extraterrestrial (ET) life, and one hour will be about UFOs as possible evidence of ET life visiting the earth. A number of veteran UFO researchers, including me, have been interviewed for the program.

I have signed a contract with a university press to produce a new book that is tentatively titled Women in the Civil War: Determined to Serve. It will contain a synthesis of the very important new information discovered in the past 10 years or so about female soldiers, battlefield nurses, scouts, spies, and other women who put themselves “in harm’s way” during the war.

The College Park Scholars (University of Maryland) invited me to present a talk to their “Science, Discovery & the Universe” colloquium about UFOs and science, focusing on controversial subjects. See their web site: The slide-illustrated talk was presented on Oct. 27, 2004, and was well received.


Vase with Flowers. Oil original mouthpainted by Shi-Feng Chen.

(From 2000-2001 calendar.)

Ever try painting by mouth or foot? The work of these handicapped artists is extraordinarily beautiful. The Mouth and Footpainting Artists (formerly Association of Handicapped Artists) provides an income for handicapped artists by sales of products incorporating their artwork, including greeting cards, calendars, and stationary. They do not harass you with constant mailings. To get on their mailing list for twice a year offers, write to them at 2070 Peachtree Industrial Court, Atlanta, GA 30341,or send an e-mail to (

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Vase with Flowers

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