Ricetta: Delicious Garlic Parmesan Asparagus

Garlic Parmesan Asparagus.

Garlic Parmesan Asparagus
You can have Garlic Parmesan Asparagus using 6 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Garlic Parmesan Asparagus

  1. Prepare 1 pound of asparagus ends trimmed.
  2. Prepare 1/8 tsp of sea salt or to taste.
  3. You need to taste of Black pepper.
  4. It’s 1 Tablespoon of olive oil.
  5. You need 1-2 Tablespoon of garlic minced.
  6. You need 3-4 Tablespoon of grated Parmesan cheese.

Garlic Parmesan Asparagus instructions

  1. Rinse the asparagus and drain..
  2. Put the asparagus on a large plate and drizzle olive oil on it and season with salt and pepper. Mix gently..
  3. Air fry the asparagus at 380F (190C) for about 6 minutes. Halfway into the air frying process, mix in the minced garlic and continue to air fry until completion..
  4. To serve, sprinkle some Parmesan cheese..